The establishment of the John Beilharz KG in 1938 marks the beginning of a sustainable success story.
1907 Friedrich and Johannes Beilharz took over the business of her father John. These included the sale and repair of agricultural machinery, and installation of göpeln for driving machines. Even before the First World War expanded Beilharz addition to the construction of a sawmill its activities to the manufacture of malt mills, grain-cleaning machines, cleaning mills, toboggans as well as washing machines and spin extractors. The death of Johannes Beilharz 1937 arranged his four sons, to take the plunge into self-employment. They founded a year later, Johannes Beilharz KG. Their range was also extremely well received: in 1940 alone, the company recorded sales of 12,324 handcart and added their own range during the Second World War to the production of horse carriage.


The beginnings of the 50s were at the Johannes Beilharz KG marked by a significant expansion of the program as well as the associated variants and included, among others, the development of a [nbsp] street cart. It is this seemingly inconspicuous items was to influence the later development of the company but it opened the door to an entirely new customer base, highway maintenance.

Things started well with economic development: The number of employees increased from 100 at the beginning of the 50s within 10 years almost by half to around 150 employees.And they packed proficient with at - 1959, a total of 5 new workshops as well as the office and storage buildings were. At the same time, the program was expanded to include street keeper's house, the popularity of the company significantly increased thanks to their Beilharz typical sloping gable across the country.


Hans Beilharz, son of company founder Eugene Beilharz, and Arthur Schweizer, the son in law by Ernst Beilharz stood in front of the not inconsiderable task to arrange the versatility of the product range.Thus arose, under the direction of Hans Beilharz, the areas of road equipment, Arthur Swiss took over as head of wood constructionThis was followed by rationalization and modernization of the IT system. This allowed the Beilharz KG to extend its activities to the United States and the Arab countries. In the area of ​​road equipment led to further developments to extend the range. For fresh air, the reorientation of Beilharz made ​​towards family home, both professionally and organizationally appropriate adjustments made ​​necessary.