Warning lights / lamps

According to the "Technical delivery conditions for warning lights (TL-97)" / EN 12352.
Warning lamp made ​​of impact resistant PP with high impact polycarbonate lenses
Version with connection cable and angled connector. Due to the modular design, the warning light [nbsp] can be retrofitted with [nbsp] integrated battery box.

Type TL - Warning light type „Compact LED“
Color housing yellow, battery housing black, special colors available
Versions WL 1 (one-sided light emission)
WL 2 (double-sided light output)
Usable battery types 4R25 6V/7-50 Ah
Operating time 1x6V 7 Ah ca. 150h (WL1)
1x6V 50Ah ca. 950h (WL1)
BASt test number V4-33-2011