VARIO-Delineator cap

VARIO-delineator cap for marking of curves

The VARIO-Delineator cap serves the signalization (marking) in a variety of applications. Primary developed for marking of curves with a tight radius and on dangerous motorcycle tracks, the VARIO-Delineator cap also qualifies for flexible and fast marking of further danger zones or temporary road works such as mowing, traces of oil, etc. The VARIODelineator cap is characterized by little weight, fast and variable mounting on delineators as well by high visibility. Due to ist special design the VARIO-Delineator cap can be easily clipped on in just a few seconds and in different delay angels and rotation-locked.

While developing, on the initiative and in close cooperation with the Department for Transport and Infrastructure of Baden-Wurttemberg, the main focus was little weight and rounded edges, to ensure no further danger for the road users in cases of an accident.

Type VARIO-delineator cap
Ausführung for marking of curves
Film dimension max. 508 x 508 mm
Weight ca. 1,5 kg with two foils VZ-Nr- 625 Typ RA2/C
Color body white, other colors on request
Material body PP-C

This distinguishes our VARIO Delineator cap:

  • fast and flexible mounting on delineators
  • low weight
  • universal application with alternating signs
  • extremely impact-resistant and dimensionally stable material

Dekra crash test VARIO-delineator cap for marking of curves

For the DEKRA traffic safety report 2017 ("Proven Measures"), the DEKRA crash experts have conducted a comparison test two motorcycle crashes. In each case, a collision of a motorcyclist with a road sign for marking curves was simulated - in one case a curve guide board made of metal, mounted on a steel post, in the other case the VARIO-delineator cap post attachment. The dummy values was clear: the collision with the steel post would not have been possible for the motorcyclist to survive, the collision with the guide post very well.