Amphibian protection systems

Stationary amphibian guidance wall

Beilharz amphibian guidance walls are efficient protection devices to prevent amphibians year-round from crossing the street. Depending on the protection concept they conduct amphibians reliably to a crossing aid or a collecting container.

Thus amphibian guidance walls make an important contribution to animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

Type Stationary amphibian guidance wall
Material Polyethylene recycling plates
Basic design 1-shaped vertical and horizontal stiffed
Dimension 1,080 x 650 mm
Installation dimension 1,000 x 500 mm
Material thickness 10 - 11 mm
Weight 8 - 9 kg
Color Black or dark green
Running surface Width 350 mm, 4° sloping
Angle hinge Angle dilation 20°- 340°
Branding Manufacturer or customer logo
Perforation Optionally by embedded and fix
overmolded grids of V2A steel;
accumulating water can drain