Amphibian protection systems

Mobile amphibian protection fence

The Beilharz amphibian protection fence has been developed to maintain and strengthen nature’s ecological balance. Its design was kept simple and restrained on purpose to ensure the amphibian protection fence does not interfere with nature and is hardly to notice once it has been set up.

The amphibian protection fence essentially consists of an absolutely rot-resistant and environmentally friendly polyethylene synthetic fabric.

The amphibian protection fence is easily and quickly built up in every terrain, either directly on a mesh or veterinary fence or on open field with a tensioning rope and metal posts.

Type Mobile amphibian protection fence
Raw material Polyethylene / Polypropylene
Supply unit Roles each 100 m
Fence height 60 cm, button strip at the top
Weight 0,135 kg / sqm
Color By default green, other colors available
(dyeing free of AZO)
Transparency Impervious to light / pervious to wind
Mesh size Very tight
UV-stabilization According to system KHC, maximum dose
Sun protection factor Between 6 and 8 on a scale from 1 to 8
Conistency water-repellent and resistant to salt water,
frost, acids and alkalis