Curve marking systems

Delivery in pre-assembled or partly pre-assembled design

Depending on transport distance and cargo space we supply our curve marking systems in partly pre-assembled or in fully pre-assembled design.

Pre-Assembled Design

In order to save time within installation Beilharz curve marking systems are usually delivered in pre-assembled 4 m clusters. All vanes are already assembled on the square tube and you´ll only have to install the square tube holding devices on construction site and set the the 4m clusters in. The pre-assembled 4m clusters can be installed on site by only three people. Individual vanes or square tubes can also be quickly replaced. Apart from this, our curve marking system is free from any maintenance.

Partly Pre-Assembled Design

For long transport distances we deliver our systems partly pre-assembled. In this case the vanes and vane holding devices are already firmly connected and aligned vertically. Finally, on construction site these units must be clamped only with a screw onto the square tube. The vanes with screwed on vane holding device are delivered on pallets. The square tubes are bundled for delivery – usually 400 m per collar – and the square tube holding devices are supplied in small, handy packages. This allows a time-saving installation on construction site.