Collapsible beacon / collapsible delineator

Collapsible beacon type 750

Type Collapsible beacon type 750
Certification BAST certification according to TL-Beacons in preparation
Dimension sheeting 750 x 187,5 mm
Sheeting types hachures- or arrowfoil in RA1 and RA2 (RA3)
Dimension complete system ca. 1000x650x300 mm

The new Collapsible-Beacon type 750 is characterized by its simple, convenient and safe handling. The base plate has on each side an ergonomically shaped handle for easy lifting of the system. The folding mechanism was developed for stable and secure running for a long period of use.

The bodies of the beacons are produced in one piece. The used material is extremly shock resistant and resistant against oil, salt and acid. By using special additives the beacons are UV-stabilized and completely white coloured.
The beacon body, the base plates or reflective tapes are available with individual name stamping or color.