Curve marking systems

Role model in performance, service life and environmental compatibility

By the use of our Curve marking systems the road user is pointed specifically and in a large-scale to risk situations as well he is guided safely through the traffic. For this purpose our well-known Anti-glare screen systems are produced with white vanes equipped with a direction-pointing reflection foil. In any case our company supplies special designs and constructions optimized for every specific situation.

  • Oval-shaped, completely closed hollow-body vanes made of white low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD) equipped with direction-pointing reflection foil
  • High-precision manufacturing
  • A high material density and the absolutely smooth surface require no maintenance – self-cleaning effect
  • Substructures for all common types of guard-rails and concrete barriers
  • Dimensioning regarding the protection and visibility performance depending on installation location and purpose.
Service life
  • Resistant to UV radiation, exhaust fumes, de-icing salts and other influences
  • Temperature-resistant from minus 30°C to plus 60°C
  • Dimensionally stable, impact-resistant and shatterproof
  • Long-lasting safety
Environmental compatibility
  • The used synthetic material is conform with current environmental regulations
  • In case of fire no toxic gases will arise and the source of fire will not spread
  • Used vanes can be re-granulated on our company-owned recycling unit