Snow fences

Safety, Stability and Mobility Come First

  • Delivery on handy rolls: that means quick installation and de-installation and cost-effective storage.
  • The guy ropes are not clamped by hammering in the pegs deeper, but patented rope winding devices are used instead. So, it is no problem if these ropes have to be reclamped and this can be done without any time-consuming search for the pegs in deep snow.
  • Snow Fences [SZ] are installed in an upright position so that 100% of their length can be used.
  • Longitudinal anchoring is made by means of hot-galvanized steel ropes with a diameter of 4 mm integrated at the top and the bottom. This allows the matting to be kept completely tension-free so that it can fulfill its shoring-up function optimally.
  • The fixing strap of the matting on the square tube with tumbling strips and screw fastenings allows the fulfillment of high safety requirements.