Stationing and classification signs

Engraved stationing signs

Stationing and classification signs serve the determination of location in traffic and therefore deliver important information for paramedics and police forces as well as for the road maintenance staff. Thanks to our newly developed concept of engraved stationing plates we reach a maximum of safety and reliability.

Base plate:
As base plate for our stationing signs we use a 2 layer PVC plate with a thin top layer. The base plate has a thickness of about 2.3 mm, is-UV stable, weather-resistant as well as impact-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use without any restrictions. By default we supply the plate with white top layer, for a stronger signaling effect other cover colors are available.

Labeling method:
We provide the plates customized. For this purpose simply forward your data via our provided digital template to us and we label the plates. The labeling is done by using CNC milling technology, which ensures a uniform type face.

Labeling by yourself
Optionally your plates can be graved by yourself using a small table engraving machine. The preparation of the stationing signs is easy and requires only a single 5 minute briefing. A technical data sheet for the table engraving machine you´ll find in the column Downloads and a product movie at the end of this page.

Product movie - Stationing signs produced by yourself