Benefits of our "General" - Wild Animal Warning Reflector


By the combination of the blue-transparent or transparent body material with rear aluminzing the colors light-blue or silver-white are generated. These colorings guarantee a maximum of light reflection and an ideal optical cognition by the wild animals.

Horizontal reflection

With an horizontal radiation angle of 120° the area behind the delineator is being lighted completely, causing an high level of barrier for wild animals.

Vertical reflection

In the reflector integrated fins create light flashes and compensate slopes and falls from -20° up to +20 in the rear side area. Furthermore the slightly corrugated middle lens assures continuous, homogenous light on ground level.


The flattened form of the wild animal warning reflector with a smooth surface assures best possible self-cleaning effects and stability while the reflector is light weighted. Furthermore, the semi-circle profile with 250 mm length offers the largest reflecting surface of all available wild aninmal warning reflectors.