Fixed integrated safety catch for ground-mounted delineators - environmentally friendly and reliable

By a special process within the production, a snap-in nose is blown into the delineator coating on the rear side in height of the reflectors.

This fixed integrated safety catch ensures that the profile section core - even in heavy traffic vibrations - will not shift to the top of the delineator. The reinforcement of the delineator will remain permanently and fixed in the lower end position.

A maximum of stability is guaranteed for whole lifetime of the delineator. Compared to safety catches like subsequent installed screws or clips the fixed integrated safety catch has following advantages:

  • The complete delineator could be recycled 100%, because there are no metal impurities enhanced. 
  • Any dissolution of the integrated safety catch is excluded bacause it is made in one body with the delineator.
  • Any oxidation of screws or clips (even made of stainless steel) is excluded.