"General" - Wild Animal Warning Reflector

Wild animal warning reflectors make an important contribution to road safety as well as the protection of humans and animals. More than annually average 200,000 accidents involving deer with high damage to property, people and animals are definitively too much. Beyond this background wild animal warning reflectors has been proven as an efficient method of protection.

Our „General“-wild animal warning reflector is a real all-rounder, because he combines the advantages of all available wild animal warning reflectors.

The semi-circle profile guarantees a circulating reflection and the used plastic reflector assures that the car light is getting reflected parallel to the road. Thereby an optical warning fence is build which prevents the wild animals from entering or crossing the lane.

Type "General" - Wild animal warning reflector
Model one-piece, impact-resistant plastic reflector,
steamed and sealed with aluminum on the back side
Profile flattened semi-circle profile with 250 mm length
Color light-blue or silver-white, special colors possible
Application all-purpose usable for all areas (flat area, slopes, falls)
Certification photometric audited by LTI University Karlsruhe
Resistance road salt resistant und weather resistant
Assembly integrated variant in the delineator or
subsequent assembly with plastic housing