Guard-rail delineator Type LP 544 FLEX Stand-up

Delineator with clamping holder (steel or malleable cast iron) and stand-up function with a FLEX-Element for all types of safety barriers SiSB, SSB, SiSSB, DSSB and Super-Rail. Assembly straight at the guard-rail beam by hex bolt M 10.

Due to the flexible and robust FLEX element, the delineator can tilt in all directions during the action of the force and then reorges itself. Angles of over 90 ° are not a problem.

The weight of the complete guardrail guide post is only about 1,70 kg.
This fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 1317-2 and ensures maximum protection for road user and protective devices.
In addition, the low weight and the extremely flexible design protect the guardrail optimally against possible damage.

Approved and certified according to DIN EN 12899-3 (CE-certified).

Type LP 544 FLEX Stand-up
Weight ca. 1,70 kg with reflectors
Description Guard-rail delineator Type LP 544 FLEX Stand-up for assembly at the guard-rail beam
Holder Steel galvanized
Coating / Holder screwed
Delineator length 55 cm
Thickness 2 / 3 / 4.5 mm / Special thickness
Reinforcement without
Bottom surface Clamping holder with FLEX element

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