Guard-rail delineator Type LP 549

Delineators with clamp for safety barriers with C-posts such as for example Maxi-Rail or Super-Rail. Mounted directly on top of the C-post with a clamping screw M10 and nut. The width of the clamp is 40 mm, the internal clear width of the C-pillar must therefore be greater than 40 mm.

Approved and certified according to DIN EN 12899-3 (CE-certified).

Type LP 549
Description Guard-rail delineator LP 549 for mounting the upper end of a C-post
Holder Steel galvanized / Malleable iron cast
Coating / Holder riveted / screw bridge
Delineator length 55 cm
Thickness 2 / 3 / 4.5 mm / Special thickness
Reinforcement without / Tubular core / Profile section core
Reinforcement length 10 / 30 cm / up to top
Bottom surface Clamping holder