Honeycomb pavers

Trapezoid Honeycomb pavers

The trapezoid honeycomb pavers have been developed especially for road pavement. Based on its special form the honeycomb pavers can be used on straight roads as well as in curved areas. The use of curve radius elements is not neccessary within our solution.

The modern slot and key system ensures a form-locking connection in any position. For providing the maximum passive road security for all road users the honeycomb pavers are equipped with acoustic pass over nubs. Additionally, the honeycomb pavers dispose boreholes for an otional longitudinal fixing.

Type Trapezoid Honeycomb paver
Dimension 650 x 460 x 65 mm
Mounting dimensions 620 x 460 x 65 mm
Form trapezoidal with 12 square cavities
Weight approx. 14.5 kg
Color black
Material recycled plastic materials