Snow fences

Tacker for Beilharz snow fences

For an even faster and more convenient building our snow fences we offer these in a version for machinery installation of the pegs. This variant is constructed identically to our proven snow fence systems - only the pegs are reinforced, which allows an automatic driving.

Of course, existing systems can be subsequently amplified. For this purpose, additional spot welds must be mounted to the existing pegs. More information is available on request.


  • dimension 73 x 27 x 26 cm
  • net weight11 kg
  • 4-stroke petrol engine 35,8 cm³ 1,0 kW
  • tool holder: SDS-Max
  • impact velocity 2.900 U/min
  • switch Function: impact drilling or chiseling function
  • includes wrench and carrying strap