Snow poles

Delineator with integrated and extendable snow pole

Upon request, our blown-moulded and one-piece plastic delineators are also available with already integrated round or triangular snow poles made of extremely robust special plastic.


The round snow pole has a diameter of 50 mm and a length of about 100 cm in the extended state.

The triangular snow pole is adapted to the contour of the delineator and can be equipped with reflectors at the top. The length in the extended state is about 90 cm. The triangular shape of the snow pole guarantees maximum stability and eliminates unwanted twisting. Thanks to the form of equality from snow pole and delineators, the reflectors from the delineators and snow pole hat the same angle, a uniform reflection is guaranteed.


If the snow pole is needed, it can be easily pulled out. When extended, it locks in automatically. The integrated pull-out safety ensures that the snow pole can not be pulled out too far.
Thanks to the integrated unlocking button, the snow pole can be easily and quickly lowered - even with work gloves the button is very easy to operate. During operation, the release button ensures that the snow pole is held in place.


Thanks to the integrated pull-out safety the snow pole can be maximally pulled up to the stop and is therefore without applying force to unauthorized persons not to steal.