Delineator with integrated snow pole

In our range you will find a variety of solutions to integrate the snow pole in the delineator.

Variant 1, integrated snow pole

The round or triangular snow pole is firmly integrated in the delineator and is pulled out as needed. The smooth functionality is ensured by a secure mechanism for all types of guide post.

The round snow pole has a diameter of 50 mm and a length of about 100 cm in the extended state.
The triangular snow pole is adapted to the contour of the delineator and can be equipped with reflectors at the top. The length in the extended state is about 90 cm.

For the production of the delineators with integrated snow poles, we use only blow-molded one-piece delineator without any welds. It is possible to configuration the delineator with tubular core reinforcement.

Detailed information about this prduct you can find here: Snow poles integrated in the delineator

Variant 2, delineator with a drilling hole

The delineator has a drilling hole in which the snow pole is getting inserted.

  • Drilling hole by default with diameter 60 mm