Parking lot equipment

Litter Box MB 120 wood

The Litter Box MB 120 completes our product range of parking lot equipment. The galvanized steel construction with synthetic coating and wood paneling out of German Douglas is designed for a long service life and an easy usability.

Type Litter Box MB 120 wood
Overall dimensions 530 x 530 mm
Overall height concreted 1,200 mm
Overall height screwed on 1,270 mm
Bin bag size 700 x 1,100 mm (120 l)
Option Steel protection sheet for cover frame

Long-term optimized design and quality:
The wooden panels of the litter box are several times impregnated and thus long-term weather-resistant with a coloring similar to our parking lot furnitures.

The swivel-mounted side wall facilitates the removal of the bin bag. The removal door of the litter box is such designed that it can be unlocked from the outside. The bin bag itself is held by a synthetic coated clamping device.

Theft protection:
In order to prevent from theft and vandalism the metal feet of the litter box could be set into concrete or secured with tear-off screws resp. non-returnable screws.