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Delineators Program

Beilharz Delineators - proven worldwide

Permanent, vertical road signs according to EN 12899
Qualification, experience and quality come first in terms of safety. Well reflecting delineators provide an essential contribution to road safety and accident prevention. Beilharz has more than 50 years´experience in manufacturing and developing delineators. There are two main characteristics about delineators made by Beilharz: high functionality and permanent quality!

The high molecular low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD-HM) used for the production of our delineators contains selected additives in order to extend the UV-stability beyond the 5 year warranty period and to secure a permanent durability.

Delineators made by Beilharz are manufactured in one piece with a perfectly smooth surface. As a result our delineators don´t have any welds where they might break.