Reflector for mobile protection systems

Type Reflector for mobile protection systems
Dimension housing 130 x 22 mm
Dimension reflector 120 x 18 mm
Drilling hole bore diameter 5.5 mm
Color white, yellow, special colors available
Performance one-sided or both-sided reflection
Certification BAST certified according to
reflectors for mobile protection systems
Assembly for screwing or gluing on

The reflectors make an important contribution to an improved perception of mobile protection systems and thus they increase traffic safety. By installation on the mobile protection system, e.g. a concrete barrier, the visibility is increased, an additional guideline is created and thereby the risk of an accident is reduced.

Within the variant to glue on an elastic adhesive material (butyl tape) is applied to the underside of the housing. Immediately before it is getting installed on the mobile protection system, the protective strip is removed and the reflector is applied by pressing on. Within the execution to screw on the reflector is getting fixed by screws or bolts on the concrete barrier.