Beacon / Delineator

Reversible-Beacon type 40

Type Reversible-Beacon type 40
Connection above 40 x 40 mm
Connection below 40 x 40 mm
Dimension beacon ca. 1.280 x 300 mm
Dimension sheeting ca. 1.000 x 250 mm
Sheeting types RA1, RA2/B, RA2/C, RA3
Sheeting optics hachures or arrow

The Reversible-Beacon type 40 has on both sides 40x40 mm connection piece. Equipped with arrow sheetings, the Standard-Beacon type 40 can changes his directional guiding in seconds by turning around overhead. Reversible beacons with hachures foil keep on their direction by turning the beacon overhead.

The beacon body, the base plates or reflective tapes are available with individual name stamping or color.