Snow poles

Rods holder for guardrails subsidence

The rods holder for guardrail subsidence made ​​of steel has a total length of 300 mm and an inner diameter of approximately 52 mm. It can be used for permanent and reliable fixing of marking poles for identification the guardrails subsidence.

The rod holder is firmly connected at the beginning of the guardrail near the ground with the guardrail and then a marker rod is inserted and fixed by a clamping screw.

This optimal marking of the beginning of a guardrail, protects the safety barrier and also the work machines against damage.

Type Rods holder for guardrails subsidence
Material hot-dip galvanized steel
Inside diameter ca. 52 mm (pole diameter up to 52 mm)
Fixing 2 clamping screws for fixing at the guardrail, 1 clamping screw for fixing the pole