Delineators Program

Round Delineator Type ø 120mm, length 1.20m

Ground-mounted delineator for plugging into ground base
System for assembly in a base - coating 120 cm is getting inserted.

Optionally available as Type Grisons with widened bottom ø 140mm.

Type Round Delineator ø 120mm, 1.20m
Description Ground-mounted delineator for assembly in a base
Delineator length 120 cm
Thickness 2 / 3 / 4,5 mm / special thicknesses
Bottom surface open / closed
Reinforcement without
Delineator profile round ø 120 mm
Reflectors 40 x 180 mm/ø 60 mm
Option A with/without integrated wild animal warning reflector
Option B with/without rotation lock
Option C widened below to ø 140 mm (Type Grisons)