Guard-rail delineator with shock absorber

After winter frequently diagonal standing delineators caused us to the development of a shock absorber. The absorber protects the delineator from partly strong impacts by snow ploughs during snow-clearing work or by mechanic washing machines while cleaning the delineators and reduces the risk of skewing or damaging the delineator.

The shock absorber consists of UV-, acid- and cold-resistant elastomere and is mounted between the metal holder and the plastic coating of the delineator.

Function: if the delineator receives impacts, the shock absorber takes up this energy. The delineator leans up to an angle of 35° and turns back into its initial position as soon as no more power it affects.

As an alternative we have in our product range guard-rail delineators with self-righting mechanism just like the
LP 540 Stand-up, the LP 544 Stand-up or the LP 547 Stand-up.