Snap-Reflector for guard-rails

Type Snap-Reflector for guard-rails
Execution reflector multiple-cell or glass bead reflector
Dimension reflector ø 60 mm
Color reflector white, red, special colors available
Coefficient luminous intensity according to EN 12899-3
Certification class 2 according to EN 12899-3
Performance one-sided or both-sided reflection
Corpus plastic black
Assembly for guard-rails with longitudinal hole

Reflecting roadside marking systems are an important factor for the visual guidance and thus for security when driving in the darkness or with poor visibility. Especially in danger areas reflecting markings in short distances increase clearly the road security.

Due to the fact that the installation of delineators on guard-rails is very difficult in short distances, the use of reflectors is recommended. However, this often fails because of the time-intensive and complicated installation of current available reflector types for guard-rails. This problem we solved with our snap-reflector.