Anti-glare screen systems

For each protective device the perfect Anti-glare screen system

Main components:
Square tube holding device, square tube, vane holding device, plastic vanes.

Square tube holding device:
The most varied square tube holding devices are fixed onto the corresponding substructure (usually on safety barriers). The square tube holding device can even adjust longitudinal differences of the substructure.

Square tube:
The hot-galvanized square tube 45 x 45 x 2 mm and 3,960 mm long, is clamped onto the square tube holding device with only two screws.

Vane holding device:
The vane holding device is the connecting piece between the square tube and the plastic vane. This holding device is clamped onto the square tube with a screw and it can also be displaced longitudinally.

Plastic vanes:
The plastic vanes are made of highly molecular low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD-HM) and are manufactured as an oval-shaped hollow body which is closed at the top. The vanes are green, dyed throughout (special colors available) with an absolutely smooth surface. The plastic vanes are fixed onto the vane holding device with four screws. These vanes are spread out at the bottom. This prevents any sickle-shaped distortion when sunlight only affects one side of the vane.

Vane intervals:
The intervals between all vanes with a fixed angle can be adjusted at any time. For example, the vane interval in curves can be shortened and extended on straight road sections.

Screws and washers:
All connecting components are hot-galvanized and can be supplied in V 2 A or V 4 A design upon request.