Beacon / Delineator

TL-Safety-Standard-Beacon with rotary system

Type TL-Safety-Standard-Beacon with rotary system
Connection above 40 x 40 mm for warning lights
Connection below rotary system with holes for warning lights
Dimension beacon ca. 1.310 x 300 mm
Dimension sheeting ca. 1.000 x 250 mm
Sheeting types RA1, RA2/B, RA2/C, RA3
Sheeting optics hachures or arrow

The TL-Safety-Standard-Beacon with rotary system has a rotary adapter with which the beacon could locked in the base plate. The rotary system is designed as a removable adapter and can be replaced if damaged. 

The connection piece at the top has holes for attaching the most warning lights which are available on the market. The same applies to the rotary adapter.

Due to the fixed locking between base plate and beacon, the whole system can be comfortably held on the beacon body and pulled or pushed across the street.

The beacon body, the base plates or reflective tapes are available with individual name stamping or color.