Trapezium-Reflector for guard-rails

Type Trapezium-Reflector for guard-rails
Execution reflector multiple-cell reflector
Dimension reflector 180 x 45 x 70 mm (side x side x height)
Color reflector white, yellow, special colors available
Coefficient luminous intensity class 2 according to EN 12899-3
Certification according to EN 12899-3
Corpus plastic white
Assembly at the transition stack on screw M16
of guard-rails with an A-profile

The trapezium-reflector is specifically designed for safety barriers with an A-profile. The trapezoidal shape ensures a maximum of reflection surface, whereat the reflector is optimally protected by the guard-rail.

For installation slightly loosen the existing guard-rail screw M16 at the transistion stack, insert the trapezium-reflector and re-tighten the screw.