Delineators Program

Type Belgium flat

Dig-in delineator with pull-put safety mechanism
System with length 112 cm and 140 cm to dig into the ground.

Due to the used material and the special shape, the delineator can be bend to the ground and will come back automatically to his original position. The delineator can be repeatedly run over by a car or a truck.

The delineator has a pull-out safety mechanism and an installation help. The stack help ensures that several delineators can be safely transported and stored.

Type Belgium flat
Description Dig-in delineator
Delineator length 112 and 140 cm
Thickness 3 mm
Delineator profil 100 x 3 mm, half-round / flexible
Reflectors 40 x 180 mm
Option A with pull-out safety mechanism
Option B with installation help