Anti-glare screen systems

Anti-glare screen system DSP

All our Anti-glare screen systems have a very high stability thanks to the oval-shaped, completely closed hollow-body vanes and the used plastic material (PE-HD-HM). The high material density and the absolutely smooth surface of the vanes guarantee best possible self-cleaning effects.

All Anti-glare screen systems are certified in accordance to EN 12676. In addition the wind channel test has been successfully carried out at a wind speed of 160 km/h  (44,44 m/s) for high-speed railway tracks running parallel to roads.

Type DSP
Assembly post of a Double Safety Barrier
Vane height standard 600 / 900 / 1,200 mm
Vane height special design 300 to 1,600 mm
Vane distance standard 666 mm
Vane distance special design approx. 100 to 666 mm
Vane angle standard 90° / vertical to road axis
Vane angle rotatable up to 180°
Inclined vane angle adjusted up to 180°
Vane color standard green similar RAL 6011
Vane color special design according to RAL table