Parking lot equipment

Type Munich plastic

The parking lot series "Munich plastic" is specially designed for heavy-duty use, with steel-reinforced plastic overlays and galvanized metal parts with an additional synthetic coating.

The table board is made of either three reinforced plastic strips or an indestructible, stable granite slab. The bench cushion consists of two plastic strips, optionally available with or without backrest.

Type Description Dimension
BM 200 K Bench without backrest 2,000 x 420 x 795 mm
BML 200 K Bench with backrest 2,000 x 615 x 1,100 mm
TM 200 K Table with 3 plastic strips 2,000 x 640 x 1,155 mm
TM 200 S Table with granit slab 6cm 2,000 x 800 x 1,110 mm

Long-term optimized design and quality:
Within our series "Munich plastic" the benches are supplied with steel-reinforced plastic overlays. The tables are made of either a solid slab of granite or as well plastic strips. On the stable concrete bases made of high quality exposed concrete, the coatings are firmly anchored. 

All plastic edges are rounded and the concrete parts resp. the granite slabs are provided with beveled edges. Visible screw connections are equipped with safety caps.

Theft protection:
In order to prevent from theft and vandalism we supply the benches and tables with tear-off screws by request. Even more protection guarantee our developed non-returnable screws.