VARIO-Delineator cap

VARIO-angle cap for marking curves

The new VARIO-angle cap, initiated by the FGSV working group MVMot 2018, was developed to significantly reduce injuries to motorcyclists in accidents.

Type VARIO-angle cap for marking curves
Description attachable traffic sign made of impact-resistant plastic
Color cap white
System structure the complete system consists of 4 individual parts, which can be easily exchanged independently of one another.
Material properties UV and acid resistant, cold impact resistant, flexible and dimensionally stable
Contour properties rounded corners and continuous edge protection
Installation Installation is carried out on VARIO support posts using a clip-on collar with an insertion depth of approx. 200 mm with internal locking elements for setting different angles in 22.5 ° steps and can be fixed with screws
Setting options variable angle adjustment of the two individual signs on site
Traffic signs foil RA2 / C (type 2 microprismatic) in dimensions 500x500 mm
Total weight ca. 2,90 kg with 2 foils (traffic signs)
VARIO support post Corresponds to a delineator post in terms of the basic profile, material and properties, but without daytime identification and reflectors. To increase the product rigidity, the VARIO support post should be flat and closed at the top. The VARIO support post meets the requirements of EN 12899-3 and is therefore CE-compliant.
Installation VARIO support post